Auto vs. Bio

ImageCheck another one off! I’m determined to widdle my reading list down to three. I think I am at four or five now with The Days I Knew: The Autobiography of Lilly Langtry finished at last. This one I had been reading since May. I enjoyed it except for the last couple chapters in which she mostly chatted about her ventures in horse racing. Conflict of interest, I suppose. I would have like to know a lot more about her personal life. Then again, I am sure she had many things in that area which she would not have wished to disclose. There has been enough written about Lilly Langtry out there, having been a celebrity in her own day (The Victorian Age), for me to find should I wish to know more.

Reading her own telling of her life reminded me of something (a weakness) I think of autobiography. People who writes about themselves, unless brutally honest, are likely a paint of picture of themselves which they wish the reader to see. Whereas a biography, especially if written posthumously and written well, may give a person a clearer picture of who the subject actually was or is. I’m finishing up a biography on Abigail Adams at the moment which I will be delighted to speak about here in the near future. In the meantime, I may have to save looking more into Lilly for a later date.

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