My name is Kassie Duke and I started this site back in 2012 with the idea to review books I was reading.

duke_kassie_008Currently, I’m a full-time copywriter and freelance writing and script reviewer. I have written stage scripts, film scripts, poetry, blogs, podcasts, and vlogs. I am a Renaissance Woman of the writing world. I can tackle just about any writing project that is thrown at me. I’m extremely adaptable!

I published my first book of poetry in February 2022. In March 2022, I was published in a new collection of short stories by women. 

My online portfolio is located on the Portfolio Tab on this site. Take a look!

You can also find me here:



Instagram: @dukeofverse

Twitter: @dukeofwords

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Home to Kassie Duke: Literary enthusiast. Full-time copywriter. Freelance film, television & script reviewer.

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