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I have a BA in English – Creative Writing & Literature (California State University, Long Beach), an MA in English – Creative Writing (University of Leicester, UK) and work full time as a Proofreader in Southern California.

I specialize in Playwriting, Screenwriting, Fiction, and Poetry. 

An extra eye for hire.


I’ll make sure all of your Ts are crossed, your Is are dotted, and your periods are in the right place.

I’ll track basic grammatical changes from draft to draft.


The next level of proofing.

I’ll make sure your writing is clear, consistent, and error free. I’ll double-check for style guide compliance and fact check any references.

Developmental Editing

I’ll give a careful evaluation of your work in a broad scope:

Where does it sit in relation to others in its genre?

What are its major strengths and weaknesses?

What makes your voice so unique?

Substantive Editing

C) All of the above.

For somebody looking for “the works” in editing.

I’ll meticulously evaluate the text and suggest major changes when appropriate.

Want to get a look at some of my work and experience? See the links below. 🙂

My Portfolio

My LinkedIn

Want an estimate?

Pricing for services depends on the nature of the work to be done.

Please, answer the following questions when submitting a request:

1) What is your project (book/script/blog, etc.)?

2) Where are you in the writing process (IE: brainstorming, completed first draft)?

3) What services do you require from me (proofing, copyediting, etc.)?

4) Do you have a deadline?

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