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Specialties: playwriting, screenwriting, fiction, poetry. 

Services Breakdown & Pricing


Proofreading is like copyediting but much less in-depth. I do a final check of spelling, grammar, and typos on a draft that’s already been edited. The first draft of a book would be a copyediting project. I’d do a final review of a draft, formatting and graphics included, before publication.

Rates: 9-13 pages/hour at $30-$35/hour


Copyediting (AKA line editing) involves reviewing content for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, as well as flow, tone, and clarity. Copyediting generally applies to: book editing, working with manuscripts, web copy, research reports, etc.

Basic copyediting rates: 5-10 pages/hr at $30-40/hour
Heavy copyediting rates: 2-5 pages/hour at $40-50/hour

Developmental Editing

Content/Developmental editing involves evaluating a manuscript for its content, not spelling and grammar. I’ll critique the quality of the story, pointing out issues with flow and character/book development, maybe even do some minor fact-checking. Essentially, I’m providing you with advice and direction to improve the book. 

Basically, I’ll help with the story/book concept development. Most generally, content/developmental editing gigs are for fiction books or screenwriting, but can lean into other genres.

Rates: 1-6 manuscript pages/hour at $40-$60/hour

Interested in a quote?

Pricing for services depends on the nature of the work to be done.

Please, answer the following questions when submitting a request:

1) What is your project (book/script/blog, etc.)?

2) Where are you in the writing process (IE: brainstorming, completed first draft)?

3) What services do you require from me (proofing, copyediting, etc.)?

4) Do you have a deadline?

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