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The Age of Edison

The latest in newer non-fiction that I’ve read is the title The Age of Edison: Electric Light and the Invention of Modern America by Ernest Freeberg. I was pleasantly surprised at the readability of this book. Non-fiction sometimes has the uncanny ability to be dry and make even the most interesting topic seem boring. Freeberg’s style and his choice to focus on the socio-economic effects of the advent of electric light in America made for an interesting read (for me, at least.)

15792102I will say, if you are looking to read a book which focuses more on the inventor’s perspective, then this probably is not the book you’ll want to read. Freeberg gives a necessary overview of key players in the development of the electric light which, I am sure, is by no means exhaustive. He provides just enough information to keep the casual historian informed.

I enjoyed it mostly because it gave a glimpse into the world at the turn of the century and the mind scape of the American people, the rise of the electrical engineering trade, and the snags and pitfalls in developing our nation’s electric grid. Overall, I’d recommend it more than most best-sellers. I read it on my Nook.