Wie Modern!

Or “How modern!” auf Deutsch… In an effort to get myself to read more recent books I’ve chosen one in particular to place on my to-read list. While perusing Barnes & Noble today I picked up Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day. I read his novel Never Let me Go for a creative writing class way back when and I actually found his style and tone quite unique, almost hypnotic. I won’t be reading it right away because, well, too many other things to finish right now, but you can bet as soon as I knock out one, this will be the next in line. I’m actually very excited because it’s rare that I find a piece of modern lit that I like and the premise of this novel sounds intriguing.

My biggest hang-up on what’s being published today is that not enough stories are character-driven and are very event-based. Meaning, it’s not so much the strength of the protagonist that publishers are aiming to draw the reader in, but what happens to him or her. Whether it is being involved in international espionage, or a run-in with an inter-galactic lover it’s always something not somebody that’s the focus. I sort of miss the everyday stories that invite me to become invested in a real person. So, Ishiguro, let’s see what you got!

P.S. A 1989 publication date, to me, is recent enough.

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